Standing Up for Nonprofits – Leadership during Uncertain Times

Leadership during Uncertain Times:

Leading with our values is more important than ever. Philanthropy West Virginia’s value of leadership through strategic partnerships is our commitment and practice.

This week West Virginia’s many sectors are coming together to respond swiftly to the impacts of COVID-19 on our citizens, communities, schools, churches, nonprofits, businesses, local and state government, and so much more.  Right there on the front lines are our nonprofits and foundations leading through action in their service, investments, and constantly figuring out ways to respond to the needs of our citizens.

In the spirit of strategic partnerships and leadership, West Virginia’s three statewide associations representing philanthropy and nonprofits have come together to advocate on behalf of nonprofits on the front lines responding to the dozens of needs created by this health, economic, and social crisis.

Philanthropy West Virginia, the West Virginia Nonprofit Association, and the West Virginia United Way Collaborative issued joint letters to West Virginia Governor Jim Justice, U.S. Senator Shelley Moore Capito, and U.S. Senator Joe Manchin advocating that nonprofits be included in any economic/financial hardship or stimulus funds and grants to support our nonprofits .

Nonprofits are the first to respond to such catastrophic events, but usually the last ones to be considered for financial support to sustain their operations, pay staff, and support their response efforts.  The three letters included below outlines the need for inclusion in any and all federal and state government allocations of support:

In the midst of panic and stress, it is time that our federal and state government leaders support the nonprofit organizations who are sacrificing their futures and managing great pressures to create calm, support, and spreading kindness across all communities.

Additionally, Philanthropy WV has signed on with a national coalition with United Philanthropy Forum stating the importance of maintaining respect and equity at the center of this crisis for all.

I share my thanks with the WV Nonprofit Association and the West Virginia United Way Collaborative in showing their leadership in many ways especially in joining in this letter requesting the U.S. Congress and our Governor support these organizations during times of crisis. Our thanks to the United Philanthropy Forum for advocating for equity during these uncertain times.

In the words of Duke Ellington, “A problem is a chance for you to do your best”.  We implore our Governor and U.S. Congressional representatives to do their best to ensure that critical financial operational support through grants and other funding streams are allocated to the hundreds of nonprofits who are leading during this crisis.

written by: Paul D. Daugherty, President & CEO of Philanthropy West Virginia