Founded in 1993 as the West Virginia Grantmakers Association, we serve as West Virginia’s leading voice and premiere resource for philanthropy.

We are committed to helping our members fulfill their charitable goals.  We do so by providing opportunities for trustees and staff to network, build skills, enhance knowledge and demonstrate leadership.

In 2014, we were renamed Philanthropy West Virginia and we are the forum for funders to exchange information, discuss common interests, learn about relevant issues, hone their grantmaking skills and establish networks of important relationships across the state.  Through its programs and services, Philanthropy WV helps funders become more efficient, effective grantmakers.

Philanthropy WV members include private and family foundations, community foundations, corporate foundations and giving programs, health funders and other types of grantmakers. Philanthropy WV also works to build and maintain relationships with other key stakeholders in the field, including media outlets and public policy makers among others.

We are one of 35 associations across the nation that work to promote philanthropy. Each of our associations works very closely with one another to ensure our members have the best available resources from coast to coast.  As a member of Philanthropy WV, you become a member of the nation’s largest network of organized philanthropy.