Membership Criteria

Philanthropy West Virginia members must have grantmaking and philanthropic giving beyond their institution as their primary focus of activity.  Such grantmaking activity must be regular, systematic, accessible to the public, and open to a reasonable range of nonprofit organizations.

The following are eligible for General Membership in Philanthropy WV:

  • Independent Foundations
  • Community Foundations
  • Corporate Foundations/Giving Programs
  • Family Foundations
  • Donor Advised Funds
  • Federated Funds
  • Government Agencies
  • Organized Giving Circles

NEW MEMBERSHIP CATEGORY: As of Summer 2018, Philanthropy WV has adopted a new membership category of Professional Advisors & Philanthropic Consultants. This category includes the following eligible individuals, companies, and consultants:

  • Bank Trusts & Wealth Departments
  • Law Firms
  • Financial Advisors
  • CPA/Accounting Firms & Services
  • Philanthropic Service Providers & Consultants
  • Technology & Program Vendors for Philanthropy
  • Other Service or Consultant Providers

(This membership category honors Philanthropy WV’s non-solicitation policy not asking for members for grants or gifts.) MORE DETAILS available HERE! 

Other organizations with the primary purpose of grantmaking, which meet the following criteria, may be eligible:

  • The organization has a verifiable giving program in West Virginia.
  • The grantmaking program is a significant part of the organization’s activities.  As a guideline, grants awarded should make up at least 30% of the organization’s total annual expenditures.  (For corporate giving programs, the term “organization” refers to the corporate giving unit, not the entire corporation.)
  • The organization accepts applications, within its funding priorities, from the general public and does not restrict its giving solely to subsidiary chapters, member organizations or affiliates, or a single institution.  The organization carries out a broad mission of philanthropy with greater than 50% of the organization’s grant allocations awarded to unrelated organizations or greater than 50% to programs that support the greater nonprofit community.
  • The organization has awarded grants for a minimum of one year immediately prior to submitting an application for membership.  (If less than one year, the organization may be granted an associate membership.)
  • The organization’s primary purpose for joining Philanthropy West Virginia is a desire to improve its grantmaking program.

In order for grantmakers to gain the most value from participation in Philanthropy WV, it is essential that Philanthropy WV members relate to their colleagues with both openness and confidentiality as they gather for Philanthropy WV programs, like those related to the discussion of issues impacting their work, professional development sessions, and networking.  Members should not use Philanthropy WV as a means to advance organizational fundraising or related business concerns, and Philanthropy WV staff will not advocate with members for fundraising purposes, other than those directly related to Philanthropy WV.