Equity and Inclusion Resources

We are building a list of online resources on equity and inclusion to help our members fully incorporate these values into their grantmaking decisions and organizational practices. This page is a work in progress and will continue to evolve. You are welcome to send suggestions to kate@philanthropywv.org


  • There are a number of glossaries on diversity, equity and inclusion terminology available, including:
  • The Racial Equity Tools Glossary, HERE.
  • Diversity Best Practices Glossary (pdf), HERE
  • “What is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion?” from the D5 Coalition, HERE
  •  The Power Moves Glossary, HERE

Resources Provided by our Guest Speakers

  • A video overview of the history of housing discrimination, HERE
  • A video taking a broad historical perspective on racial inequity (via dropbox), HERE
  • A video on the difference between the concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion, HERE
  • While this video is about education, it talks about the importance of bringing diverse perspectives into spaces where the demographics may not be diverse. HERE
  • A presentation on Liberation in a Generation and their perspective on economic justice, HERE

Useful Links

  • The Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers’ “Putting Racism on the Table” series, including videos HERE
  • Ten ways for family foundations to consider diversity and inclusion HERE
  • The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship’s report on Corporate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Efforts is HERE
  • A listing of BIPOC-centered arts and cultural funds from Grantmakers in the Arts, HERE
  • A guide to thinking of your organization on a continuum of multiculturalism and antiracism HERE
  • A workbook on organizational habits that can promote or resist white supremacy HERE
  • A document (pdf) from 2020 on operationalizing racial equity in nonprofits HERE
  • A 2021 report on surveys of philanthropic organizations about their racial equity progress and challenges HERE
  • A quick overview of the Divest/Invest framework of criminal justice reform from the Neighborhood Funders Group HERE
  • The Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity has a number of online publications and resources, HERE
  • Equity in the Center’s “Awake to Woke to Work” publication provides a framework for phases in equity work, HERE. They also offer short videos on a variety of equity-related topics, HERE

Community Group PSOs

If you are looking for expertise rooted in a particular community, there are a number of philanthropy-serving organizations that are designed by and for specific communities who might be able to help. The list below is drawn from our national association, but is not comprehensive.

Reading Lists

  • Check out suggestions submitted by your fellow Philanthropy West Virginia members HERE
  • If you’re looking for more reading ideas, there is a Black Liberation reading list from the Schomburg Center HERE