Philanthropy WV Equity & Inclusion Working Group

Building upon Philanthropy West Virginia’s equity and inclusion learning over the past four years, Philanthropy West Virginia is working to improve philanthropy’s practices and our communities when it comes to equity and inclusion.  Philanthropy WV has formed an advisory group titled the Equity & Inclusion Working Group to guide our board, staff, and members on centering equity and inclusion in our work and philanthropy’s impact in our state and Appalachian region.

The Working Group is the first phase and serves as the steering committee and expert advisory group for Philanthropy West Virginia in developing, refining, and leading with our value of inclusion.  

This working group is composed of our members (board, staff, and donors) to identify best practices and programming for Philanthropy West Virginia to use in advancing equity and inclusion in our members’ grantmaking, communities, state, and region. Our thanks to United Philanthropy Forum for providing us with a mini-grant to depend this work around racial equity for 2020 as we advance a more equitable and inclusive philanthropic sector, state, and region.  We share our thanks to the members of the Equity & Inclusion Working Group:  Dr. Michelle Foster, Dr. Usha Vasan, Tres Ross, George Montgomery, Bradley Harris, Kris Molnar, Mikael Huffman, and Tres Ross.   

The second phase will be the formation of a Learning Group for professional development and using improved practices in the philanthropic sector.  We invite our members and partners to be a part of this critical work. For more information, contact Abigail Miller,